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Absolute StripperCoin Collection
Set 5

SODOMU-ART  & StripperCoin Collab



*Only 1 purchase per wallet allowed

Send 45ada

11 (2).jpg


*Actual NFT spins
blue deeper.png

Blue Deeper

red cherry.png

Red Cherry

red blood.png

Red Blood

gold pure golden.png

Gold Pure Golden

gold bee.png

Gold Bee

gold azure.png

Gold Azure

silver pink light.png

Silver Pink Light

silver glossy.png

Silver Glossy

silver eaten.png

Silvery Eaten

bronze pearl.png

Bronze Pearl

bronze orange peel.png

Bronze Orange Peel

Bronze golden obsolescent.png

Bronze Golden Obsolescent

bronze icy sky.png

Bronze Icy Sky

bronze gilded.png

Bronze Gilded

bronze gangsta.png

Bronze Gangster

bronze feel.png

Bronze Feel

bronze fungus.png

Bronze Fungus

bronze dirty marble.png

Bronze Dirty Marble

bronze Chameleon.png

Bronze Chameleon

bronze feeble.png

Bronze Feeble

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