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StripperCoin Music

StripperCoin has been producing music since December 2020 with some prolific Cardano artists, as well as helping to onboard new artists. Our songs are wonderful and you can find most of them on Spotify today. Keep an eye out, because we have new tracks coming almost every money at the start of 2023! Look forward to NIDO, Dj Dabby, Chillz Muzik, Kavelli White, and more!

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Don't Be Shy
Artist: OddShapeShadow

Release Date: 12/31/22  (Happy New Year!)


Send 5ada get 1.2 back


Lonely Nights
Artist: Rina

Release Date: 10.7.22

Main Cover.png

Send 5ada get 1.2 back


Where They At
Artist: Krime Fyter
Release Date: 9.23.22


Send 10ADA or 200 $STRIP


1x   Send 10ADA or 200 $STRIP

5x  Send up to 50ADA
5x  Send up to 1000 $STRIP

Artist: Chillz Muzik ft Rina

Release Date: 7.19.22


Send 5 ADA get back 1.4 and your audio token


Tap the App

Artist: SickCity
Release Date: 8.30.22



Token #1: 2ADA+125 $STRIP
Token #2: 2ADA+1m $SICK
Token #3: 6 ADA

This collaboration has been 6 months in the making and we’re excited to finally bring it to you! There are 3 Tokens in this collection. Each token has the song “Tap the App” by Sick City, but features 3 different pieces of art. Each token has a unique way to purchase too!

Feelin' Bullish
Artist: Chillz Muzik

Release Date: 3.1.22

Make It Clap

Artist: Chillz Muzik

Release Date: 1.28.22

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