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Our TeaseTokens are Promotional Fungible Token's that are used to promote new drops and creators we are working with, as well as give the creators ways to whitelist and give discounts and free codes to people interested in their series. We also intend to use this to gauge demand for particular creators drops.

These FT's have a 2% royalty attached to secondary sales.

PolicyID: 42f687f2d4deb594ff05e9cd53a9d1bb12e9e87fb3ac438bb7ccc515

Black Diamond
How To Claim

How to Claim Your Free OnlyFans Pass

Black Diamond


Get a Cardano Wallet

First, you need a Cardano wallet - fund it with some ADA (some STRIP), and stake it to SCM or SAPIO Pool. 


Pick Up Token

Head to and follow the prompts to receive your token. While transaction fees will apply, the token itself is completely free. We can't wait to welcome you to the StripperCoin community, and begin giving Cardano real perks!


Connect Wallet

Once you have the token, head over to our Discord and Verify your wallet in our #Verify channel. Once verified, a new channel will appear.

Coming Soon
Don't have Discord? No problem! You can also head over to, connect your wallet and based on your Tease Ownership new pages will appear.


Use Code

Once you've connected the wallet with the token in it, you will have your code. Head over to OnlyFans to use it. Enjoy your free boobs, and don't forget to TIP TIP TIP - and let the creator know you came from StripperCoin!

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