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StripperCoin Presents
Goth Girl Spit



This is a daring experiment by StripperCoin, pushing the limits by intertwining physical possessions with digital assets. Let's explore the mysterious beauty of the goth subculture.🕷️🌙🖤

💫 The Alluring Collection 💫

We are spellbound to unveil our unique collection of 100 uniquely bottled NFT vials, each promising a tantalizing journey into the shadows:

  • 🕷️ 50 Tall Vials: The epitome of elegance and mystery, stretched into a long, sleek vessel.

  • 🌙 50 Stout Vials: Compact and potent, each vial exudes a powerfully cryptic aura.

  • 💎 5 Super Rare Vials: These are the showstoppers. Each one harbors a superlative enigma, the crème de la crème of our dark fantasy.


Purchase your NFT and register to have the physical vial mailed to you. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE!:

  • June 2nd, 2pm EST: Mint your Goth Girl Spit NFT.

  • Immediately after minting: Navigate to and:

    • Connect your wallet: Locate the "Connect Wallet" button, usually in the top right corner of the webpage, and connect your wallet to the website.

    • Fill out the registration form: Provide the necessary details in the form to register for the opportunity to receive a physical vial of Goth Girl Spit, mailed directly to you.


💄 An Unprecedented Experience 💄

But the allure doesn't stop there. For 25 daring souls, we offer more than an NFT. Seize the opportunity to register to receive the physical Goth Girl Spit, first-come, first-served. Each physical vial will bear a unique number, linking it to its digital counterpart. 💌🔮🔖


🕸️ Proof of Spit 🕸️

And for the grand finale, the lucky 25 who receive the physical spit will have their NFTs upgraded with an exclusive "Proof of Spit" video. It's a thrilling rollercoaster, from the digital realm to your doorstep, culminating in a sensational piece of proof that's just as unique as your NFT. 🎥💦💀

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