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Absolute StripperCoin Collection
Set 4

SODOMU-ART  & StripperCoin Collab


DROPPING 4/7 @ 20:00 UTC

*Only 1 purchase per wallet allowed

Send 45ada

11 (2).jpg


*Actual NFT spins
Blue broken.png

Blue Broken

Gold nimbus.png

Gold Nimbus

Gold radiant.png

Gold Radiant

Gold fleck.png

Gold Fleck

Red shadow.png

Red Shadow

Red magma.png

Red Magma

Silver splendid.png

Silver Splendid

Silver slippery.png

Silver Slippery

Silver earthy.png

Silvery Earthy

Bronze washy.png

Bronze Washy

Bronze vestal.png

Bronze Vestal

Bronze stale.png

Bronze Stale

Bronze smitten.png

Bronze Smitten

Bronze silvering.png

Bronze Silvering

Bronze rinse.png

Bronze Rinse

Bronze reflected.png

Bronze Reflected

Bronze polonium.png

Bronze Polonium

Bronze chilli.png

Bronze Chill

Bronze acid.png

Bronze Acid

Bronze ore.png

Bronze Ore

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