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StripperCoin Box Girls



400 Box girls!

PolicyID: 2d00254bceb5e6bd34943ae6fd91335694e88cc28276a1fa3453c0ed


Or send to ADAHandle: $StripperCoin
  • Send Multiples of 69ada to mint more than 1 Box Girl

  • 10% Discount for all Absolute StripperCoin Holders (10% will be refunded - send full amount)

  • Max 10 per tx

  • No limit per wallet

ADA Mint


Or send to ADAHandle: $StripperCoin
  • Send 32ada + 6,900 $STRIP

  • No 10% discount for Absolute StripperCoin holders

  • Max 1 per tx

  • No limit per wallet

  • Will shut down after 25 are successfully minted with $STRIP


11 (2).jpg
*Click name to see preview of girls*
  • 100 Total
  • 30 Unique Candy's
  • 9 Traits
  • 2 Queen of the Rats

Candy is the new girl at the club, often referred to as a “Baby Stripper”. Candy’s speciality move is getting on her knees and grinding against the poll. Candy presents an image of an innocent young virgin with her pale smooth skin, although she is far from it. She approaches every dance with wide-eyed optimism, hoping to titailate all patrons.

  • 100 Total
  • 31   Unique Tiffany's
  • 8 Traits
  • 2 Crypto Queen's

Tiffany is the girl who is always fit. Being very athletic, she likes to show her body off with a long stretch on the pole for all to see. Tiffany is very professional, and a seasoned stripper. Candy is very goals orientiened and will chat up the patrons about their crypto holdings just so she can find an edge. She’ll get that lambo before you do!

  • 100 Total
  • 30   Unique Tiffany's
  • 9 Traits
  • 2 Mother Anastasia's

Anastasia is a mom when she’s not at the club, and just working to pay the bills. She enjoys doing floor work where she can shake what she was given up close and let the men’s imagination go wild. Anastasia cares deeply about her regulars, and is often known to be the club therapist - and a good one too! 

  • 100 Total
  • 30  Unique Crystal's
  • 8 Traits
  • 2 Cardano Queen's

Crystal is the girl at the club working to pay for college. She’s currently in school for a bachelors in science, but she’s considering dropping out to start her own NFT series. She’s not very talkative with the patrons, and doesn’t like to look you in the eye, she’s just there to shake it and get out. Crystal’s signature move is making it clap.

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