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Web3's Premiere Adult Brand

What Does StripperCoin Offer?

We aren't just a coin!

Where can I buy StripperCoin?

You can purchase StripperCoins at the following 3 Exchanges:

In a digital world, strippers can safely, and non-degradingly receive funds from a client with StripperCoin - either remotely or in-person with QR codes and ADAhandles.
StripperCoin also offers a NSFW NFT minting service, an NFT-as a subscription platform (in beta testing), and an NSFW marketplace where NSFW digital collectibles can be traded (Launching soon).
StripperCoin is here to help build a bridge between the traditional adult industry and bring it in to the web3 era where blockchain, AI, and the metaverse are king.


Become A StripperCoin Girl!

If you are interested in launching your own NFT series, or our Ambassador opportunities, please fill out the form below. At the end of the form there is a link to schedule a meeting. 

We forsee a day in the near future where being a "StripperCoin" girl will be a coveted title. Get it while you still can.


About  StripperCoin 

We are aiming to be the premiere Web3 Adult brand on Cardano.

When first conceived, StripperCoin was a hilarious idea between coworkers in an IT office. Since then, StripperCoin has grown to have 30k+ holders, and multiple successful NFT series. We are now beginning to work with creators in the adult industry to help them create a new Web3 experience for their fans with our new minting service. 

StripperCoin is no longer just a coin, or an NFT series. We are now aiming to be a larger brand for Web3 Adult Entertainment. This brand will include metaverse clubs, physical and metaverse merch, NFT minting services, payment portals and a marketplace. We aim to onboard adult creators to Cardano and create new and fun ways for them to interact with their fans. 



How Does

 StripperCoin  Work?

We envision that StripperCoin could eventually work as a touchless, clean and non-degrading alternative to strip club money. Those who are familiar will know, many strip clubs force you to buy a stash of their in-house money to give to the girls as payment. Even if it’s real cash, money is often folded in degrading ways and flung at women dancing. We envision that StripperCoin could be the new form of the in-house money. Patrons could pay with the tap, or shake of a digital wallet. Partnered strip clubs could utilize StripperCoin and be listed in the StripperCoin app and on the website, and patrons could pay using an app on their phone, or their wallet, to a designated stripper using a QR code, or other pre-programmed methods. Yes, we even have a vision for the metaverse. We also foresee partnerships with cam sites and porn sites in the future.

How It Works


When StripperCoin was first minted in April, 2021 - only 15 million were created at that time. 100% of them were in the creator’s wallet. Since then, the total supply has grown to 69 million, and the original creator only retains 8% of the supply. No more will ever be minted or burned.

8% - Creator

Will never dump on the community, and will only cash out coins to further StripperCoin’s goals. Most of this will be used for promotion and for further development.

5% - Reserves

These reserves will be used to onboard more performers, partners and collaborators on to the project.

4% - Developers

Given to the developers at launch of fountain.

3% - Ambassadors
80% - Public Token Distribution

There are 69,000,000 StripperCoin in existence. Policy is locked so no more will EVER exist!

Handed out early in the life of StripperCoin, it was given to our two trusted ambassadors who will use the reserves to further the future of StripperCoin.


 StripperCoin  2023 Roadmap

Q3 2023

✗ Attend Miami Exxxotica with Booth

✗ Expand StripperCoin Music Portfolio

✗ Beta Test Custom dapp

✗ Begin Offering Scanning Tek To Partners

✗ Attend CNFTCon


Q2 2023

✗ Release Cardano-Press dapp For Public Use

✗ Begin Releasing Content Every Epoch "SICKCITY Style" 

✗ Expand StripperCoin Music Portfolio

✗ Attend Chicago Exxxotica with Booth

✗ Release NSFW NFT Marketplace For Public Use

✗Reach Out To Cam Sites for partnership

✗ Add to Verified Creator Roster
✗ Prepare for CNFTCon

✗ Test Out Metaverse Scanning Tek (Girls + Clubs)

Q4 2023

✗ Release Custom dapp For Public Use

✗ Expand StripperCoin Music Portfolio

✗ Attend Exxxotica in New Jersey

✗ Attend Exxxotica in DC

Q1 2023

✓ Launch Single Mint and Mint 20 NFT tool

✓ Begin Accepting Verified Creators

✓ Box Girls Set 2 Release

✗ Onboard new Ambassador

✗ Begin Onboarding Verified Creators

 ✗ Expand StripperCoin music portfolio

  ✗CardanoPress-based dapp beta testing

 ✓ Begin work on custom coded dapp


StripperCoin Team 


Cardano Slim

Cardano Slim

StripperCoin CEO

@CardanoSlim - Twitter
@StripperCoin - Twitter 

Cardano Slim is a lifelong IT professional who loves new technologies. A big believer and user in Cardano and Helium blockchains.


Contact  StripperCoin  Team

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